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Primer technology

The SP45 primers form an adhesion promoting layer between different surfaces and UV inkjet inks. The primer is applied directly to the surface. Once the solvent evaporates, a transparent layer is formed providing a chemical connection between the glass structure and the UV-curing inks. Primer eliminates damaging and peeling paint solidified layer in the product. It ensures moisture and water resistance paint layer.


The technology of processing is simple and described in the «User Manual» and “FAQ”. Primers have one-component system and ready for application. They are compatible with all UV-inkjet systems.

Eco friendly

We glad to present, that “eco” means not only economical, but and “eco friendly”. Our primer made from ecological compositions

Flexible use of primer

We offer five different types of primer for different surfaces:
– Primer for Glass (different types of silicate glass, mirrors, ceramics, glazed and unglazed tiles, ceramic granite, bathroom ceramics, natural and artificial stone, etc.);
– 3 types Primers for Wood (furniture laminate, laminated chipboard);
– Primer for Plastic (organic (acrylic) glass).
More info in “FAQ” and “User Manual”.